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We are a full service brokerage firm specializing in the sale, leasing and management of all commercial real estate assets including: multifamily, office, retail, industrial, hospitality and land. We also perform asset management, REO sales, financing and investment advisory, construction management, condominium management and receivership services.


Commercial real estate advisory has earned its stars among the other professions – surgeons operate, teachers educate, real estate brokers help maximize one’s wealth. Pacific Bridge Team includes Top Advisors with over 30 years of experience and top-notch business and industry specific certifications, with over a billion dollars in sales, and over 300 transactions brought to their successful completion. We believe in sharing our knowledge and empowering you, the property owner with information, so the best decisions are made. While selling the property may be the best solution to the existing problem, simpler options like repositioning, re-tenanting and adjustment to the property management should also be brought to the table. We put your needs first, making sure your investment strategy is the most beneficial for your long-term investment plan.

Solutions at your fingertips

Our core difference is in the architecture of our team. Unlike other firms, where individual agents form ad-hoc teams based on seniority with the goal of transaction management, we have created a permanent solution-driven team, where each function is strategically assigned to an agent who excels in that specific area of business. By combining industry experience with an in-house underwriting, positioning, financial, legal and marketing expertise, we give each of our listings the amount of focus that delivers superior packaging, immediate response from the buyer and broker communities, and, ultimately, more offers for the seller.

SVN is the 6th most recognized CRE

according to Lipsey Company’s 2015 Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brand Survey. Why is it important? Because commercial real estate is a team business, where brokers, lenders and clients want to know if their team member could be trusted to do business with. The SVN brand is recognized for our cutting edge tools, advisory expertise, and our commitment to do what’s right for our clients. All of our 237 offices form an entity of brokers in the league of our own: we communicate, cooperate, share the same values and stand behind our work ethics. Based upon simple supply and demand principles, the SVN® organization believes that the key to driving up the value of a property and achieving the highest price for a client is maximizing demand. To do this, SVN Advisors are committed to distributing CRE property listings to the entire brokerage community, gaining maximum exposure. We believe that proactively cooperating and collaborating with the global commercial real estate community is the right thing to do for our clients and the best way to ensure maximum value for a property. We treat our clients as our life-long, multi-generational partners, so when it’s time to review SVN’s annual production, behind the numbers we see strong relationships, seized opportunities and a proof that our clients believe in SVN as their #1 choice to represent their assets and their financial future.


Svn Highlights

2016 Volume

61% Sales
39% Leasing


Offices Worldwide

10.6 Billion

In 2016 sales and lease transactions


Advisors and staff


Most recognized brand on the lipsay co's 2017 annual survey

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